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Tamy Emma Pepin, a well-known media figure, is at once Host and Director, as well as Concept Creator and Producer for Un peu plus loin, a studio she founded in Montreal in 2016.

When she decided to build her own content creation, production, and broadcasting studio, she first wanted to share her desire for meaningful exchanges and intelligence. This search for quality encounters wasn’t born yesterday. This globe-trotter has wandered the world looking for humanity and beauty in its simplest and most authentic form.

Hoping to retrace her origins, she decided, through the Un peu plus loin collection, to tell stories and build bridges between cultures from here and around the world. Morocco and Berber culture are at the heart of her first hand-chosen collection.

Un peu plus loin’s Berber rugs are rural products born from female artisanship.

At times vintage, at times contemporary, each piece is uniquely hand-knotted following the purest traditions, in the manner of true works of art, using techniques knotters learned from their mothers and grandmothers.

(Top left: Tamy’s mother and grandmother Rkia in the 70s. Bottom left: Tamy in the Agafay Desert. Right: Berber female knotters met during trips for the Un peu plus loin collection.)

Made of wool, cotton, and mixed fabric in the case of Boucherouite rugs, the symbolism in Berber rugs is extremely rich, and represents a once-primordial cult of fertility inherited from civilizations previous. The colours, textures, and patterns come together to express the intuition, spontaneity, and state of mind of each artisan.

At first created to warm up the floors of our homes, these rugs were then uncovered as design objects through the work of modern architects and artists the likes of Le Corbusier, Paul Klee, and Matisse. We hope this first collection, carefully hand-picked by Tamy and her mother in the mountains of the Middle and High Atlas, will bring you joy and add a touch of warmth and fantasy in your life.